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I joined FeSociety thinking a bit of support from other women might help me on my nutritional and weight loss journey. I’m overwhelmed by how much more I have received in emotional, spiritual and personal well-being. I’ve been so blessed to be a part of this group of incredibly beautiful women, striving to be the best mothers, daughters, sisters and friends we can be! I have renewed understanding of how important it is for me to take moments of joy and delight for myself to recharge and simply live in the moment once in a while. I have a ways to go but I’m enjoying every step of the way and will always have a place in my heart for this group!
— Peggy Y., volunteer extraordinaire and mom

With our present busyness, it is easy to get overloaded and forget our priorities in making connections with others. With FeSociety, I have learned to live intentionally; to make plans and definite dates to get together with women who can support and strengthen me with their insights and friendships. I have rediscovered the precious gift of close, meaningful relationships, sharing joys and sorrows, disasters and successes. What a blessing this has been for me to be a part of FeSociety.
— Sherrill B., small business owner and mom

FeSociety gave me a rare opportunity to touch into my own internal strength (that I didn’t know was there). With the steadfast guidance of Sandra and the organized steps of the program, I was able to become more positive, self-assured and motivated person. I feel more ready to reach my goals, more confident in my abilities and a strong sense that I’m doing the right things to maintain and achieve success in multiple areas of my life. Thank you, Sandra, for giving me the tools I needed to succeed.
— Laura D., pilates instructor and mom

What started out as a group of semi-strangers working towards health and weight loss goals, turned into a whole body, mind and soul endeavor. As we work on our individual goals, I feel a deep connection spiritually to this beautiful Society of wonderful women. I have gained a deeper appreciation for my body and have learned to appreciate all that it has and is doing for me. I am growing and learning on many levels. Thank you FeSociety and Sandra, for your help.
— Danielle C., restaurant owner and mom