About Me…

A graduate of Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education. I obtained my Master of Art Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Washington in Seattle.

 If I am not working at FeSociety you can find me enjoying out of doors or perhaps inside cozy time with a good book and my PBGV dogs (affectionately know as my Peebs) by my side. I have been an animal lover since the days of grade school, bringing home every stray dog I found. And I have loved horses since middle school when I rode friends horses at every opportunity. I am blessed to have two wonderful horses and two delightful dogs. I enjoy group crafting and needle work, gardening, especially fragrant herbal gardening and writing letters the old fashioned way-pen to paper, postage and snail mail it. I am blessed to be married to my best friend and beloved husband of nearly 30 years and a Mama to three beautiful young adult daughters and one dear son-in-law.

I have been a champion of the disenfranchised and down-trodden since my elementary school days. The population we call ‘developmentally disabled’ has always tugged at my heartstrings. And this heightened sensitivity to reaching out to others who feel ‘left out’, dismissed, disenfranchised or forgotten.

As we grow older, and with this youth driven culture we live in, I find that many women feel left out, unimportant, forgotten.

Which brings me to the whole name of FeSociety and the meaning behind it.

Fe. This nickname arose from a mastermind I attended a few years back. It is short for Faithful Eliana. At the mastermind, we had a naming ceremony whose purpose was to have us live out a new name for new beginnings. 

Faithful. Because we are all called to live a life of faith and in faithfulness use our gifts, talents and abilities for community.

Eliana. Because this name means El=God, Iana=answers me. Isn’t this a great name? God answers me. And He did in a mighty way.

I claimed Faithful Eliana as my fire pit name…amidst several men and a few ladies. During this mastermind activity, we each took turns proclaiming our name aloud with an action to go along with it. Now, many of these men and women were into martial arts and had warrior names and actions to accompany them. As my turn was approaching, I began to waiver a bit because pictured in my mind, with the quiet little name I had chosen, I was thinking of Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia. Aslan the Lion gave each of Lucy’s siblings a weapon for warfare. Lucy received from Aslan a small, seemingly insignificant vial. So when my name time came, I felt very much like little Lucy when I proclaimed my name with hands lifted to God, small and insignificant. But then this thought occurred to me. The thought of how Lucy showed up in the battles…with her vial, faithful. She used the contents of the vial, one precious, powerful drop at time to heal others. And she knew in Whom she trusted. This was how Lucy ‘showed up’ in the Narnian world.

My point? We each have something of value and power to contribute to community; to our sphere of influence. And THIS is what I want to guide, coach and empower women to do. To walk in purpose and power; and to live life with purpose and with joy. To guide women into ‘showing up’ in their most powerful, unique and purposeful way.

Ready to experience this transformation? Join FeSociety in the Reclaim Your Relevance group coaching? Or perhaps you would like to take advantage of a complimentary 30 minute clarity call? Either option is free of obligation; provided for you to learn more and see how group coaching can change your life! Go to work with me and click on the button! It is that easy.


A little trivia bit about me and how I ‘show up in life’…

ENFP-T  Under the Diplomat umbrella. Campaigner by nature…and you? Check out…  (

My enneagram type is 4 with a strong 3 wing. Check out for a quick type. Most likely your results will have one type that will resonate with you. From there, you can do further reading and research to learn more about yourself and how you relate to and show up in life. ‘The Road Back to You’ is one of my favorites on the enneagram.