How’s your momentum these days? Remember…baby steps still can move you forward. This reminder is good for those days where we may feel overwhelmed by all we have to do and underwhelmed with the energy to do it. 

James Clear, author of “Atomic Habits’ speaks of making progress 1% at a time. In other words, we don’t necessarily need to make huge steps to make progress. In fact, it is the consistent and frequent momentum forward that will heap up 1% progress at a time for a 100% change. 

Each decision we make determines the direction we go and ultimately our destiny. Each 1% progress is making a decision for change for the better. Each small decision does make a difference. In Atomic Habits, habit stacking is mentioned. Where you attach your new habit you want to include into your daily routine, onto a current habit. For instance, if you have books you want to read but never get to reading, attach the habit you want (being a reader) to a habit you already do, drinking coffee each morning. Habit stacking is a great way to build momentum for change. 

And when we think of significant life changes that we may want to make having a vision is essential. This vision; whether it is formalized or just rolling about in our minds, determines our path and our destiny. At FeSociety, we work on personal manifestos; vision and mission for life. And the next step is accountability and discipline~the bridge between goals and accomplishment, which builds momentum for achievement. One step or 1% at a time.

I encourage women to have a life vision…a manifesto for their life. It is important for them to know the direction they are heading so that their choices can then make a difference. And important part of a personal manifesto is the consistent practice and discipline necessary to bridge the gap between the goals set and the accomplishments that can then be achieved. And this is where FeSociety’s Reclaim Your Relevance group coaching makes a big impact for women.

In our intimate community of RyR (Reclaim Your Relevance group coaching) I help women develop a personal life plan (aka manifesto) with a vision statement and a mission statement. We then work together in setting goals and making 1% progress, consistently. This is done with accountability, training and encouragement. I also remind women that they will face some opposition to their life changes. But it is often with opposition or adversity where growth is seen and where we can soar. This is one of my favorite quotes that reminds me of this truth. ’Do not fear opposition. Remember, a kit flies against not with the wind.’ u/k

Reclaim your Relevance helps women see their worth, their unique gifts, strengths and abilities and helps them claim their vision and purpose for life so that they can use these gifts to improve their life and the life of others they touch.

‘All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.’ Indian proverb

Make today count

Robert Vernon